About the event

INNOVATION DAYS 2018´ will be the third consecutive year of the event designated for the professional public; it is organised by the companies robotec, VAW WELDING and VAW.

During the first two years of the “Days of Innovative Robotic Technologies” we have introduced a number of unique manufacturing technologies that attracted interest of the professional public. The success of the first two years, the participation of foreign partners and positive feedback from participants brought the companies robotec, VAW WELDING and VAW to the idea of making the INNOVATION DAYS a tradition. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that the third year of the INNOVATION DAYS will be held in September of this year in the newly built Centre of Applied Research.

During the days of 20th and 21st of September 2018 in Sučany, in the companies' headquarters of robotec, VAW WELDING and VAW we have prepared, for the participants of the event, a number of novelties and practical demonstrations combined with professional interpretation. This event aims to introduce technological innovations and to draw attention to the possibility of their practical use in industrial production.

Looking forward to meeting you there!


  • 09:30-15:00 hrs. registration of participants, throughout the day
  • 10:00/13:00 hrs. short presentation and address – Ivan Vallo, CEO
  • 10:00-16:00 hrs. practical presentation of innovative production technologies, accompaniedby professional interpretations
  • The guests will be provided with snacks and will be offered local Turcian cheeses for tasting, throughout the event.
  • You can make yourself a small gift in a blacksmith´s craft workshop.


  • Would you like a coffee? Our skilled assistant will be glad to prepare it for you.
  • Steer and teach your robot to move with one click.
  • Don´t be afraid to cooperate with the robot, leave the hard work to him.
  • Discover the future of welding with the new revolutionary welding source.
  • We´ll keep an eye on the quality of welding and provide a comprehensive overview of welding production.
  • We will demonstrate highly efficient orbital welding of tubes using the MIG method.
  • You will not have to worry about placing packages from conveyor to pallet.
  • Let the products be sorted directly by the conveyor.
  • Traverse your own workplace via virtual reality.
  • A seven-axis welding robot gets almost everywhere.
  • Let the robot find a welding site with an intelligent laser sensor.
  • Do you need to enter the robotic workplace during work? You do not have to stop it. It will stop by itself.
  • Inspire yourself with innovative solutions for suction and filtration of fumes.
  • We´ll automate the launching of suction units under realistic conditions.
  • Weld the bolts with repeated accuracy using the CNC centre.
  • Test the welding of bolts and nuts in the magnetic field.
  • Flexible AGV shall cart away your products without the need for a conveyor even through narrow and tiny aisles.


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robotec, s. r. o.


VAW, s.r.o.

Hlavná 3, 038 52 Sučany, Slovak Republic
+421 903 280 234